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NRG Thermal offers combined heat and power services—CHP+NRG®—and brings its many benefits to a diverse customer base:


  • Pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facilties
  • Chemical and process facilities
  • Data centers and backup/storage facilities
  • Research institutions, colleges and universities.
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Government complexes
  • Reliability. CHP+NRG® provides enhanced reliability and 100% power redundancy for mission-critical operations.
  • Optimal energy efficiency. CHP+NRG® uses ‘smart’ controls and meters to monitor and adjust energy use for greatest efficiency.
  • Lower total costs. CHP+NRG® enables economic dispatch of on-site energy, reducing electricity costs and maximizing sales to the electric grid.
  • Good environmental stewardship. Electricity and thermal energy from CHP+NRG® are produced using less fuel, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Best use of capital. CHP+NRG® allows customers to focus on their core businesses since they don’t have to invest in a heating a cooling plant—so significantly less capital is required.

Combined heat and power—also known as cogeneration—is a way to increase power plant efficiency. Standard power plants effectively use just one-third of the fuel they burn to produce electricity. Two-thirds of the fuel used in the electric production process ends up being rejected or “wasted.” A combined heat and power plant captures the waste heat and uses it to heat buildings in a surrounding area through a district energy system.